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Designing a Book Cover That Stands Out: Dos and Don'ts

Don't judge a book by its cover – this clichéd saying does not apply anymore when it comes to books. You must have done the same at some point. In a library or a bookstore, to select a book for yourself, you pick a book with an appealing cover, then you probably read the blurb, or if time permits, you read a few pages to determine if you would choose it.

Having said that – a book cover design matters. The authors must believe in this fact to ensure their book will appeal to many readers. An eye-catching book cover is the book's finest weapon and plays a part in getting the reader's attention. If the cover is interesting, the reader will assume the same for the content too; then they will proceed to the next step – reading about the book and deciding if you want this it. Therefore, getting an appealing book cover should be an author's priority. So, you must get book cover design services. You will need to know the following aspects irrespective of your final decision.

Look for book covers in your genre

Although book cover art is common, finding the best one can be quite challenging. A perfect book cover can be created after research, practice, and patience. As an author, you also need to look for inspiration and check the best-selling book covers of the genre you have written the book. Also, look for the reviews if readers give any about the book covers.

Size of the cover

Don't forget that people will see your book cover online, so you must select the right size. If the size is small, the available space will not be enough to display your book's idea. Let your cover depict the genre too.

Leave an impression

The E-book market is becoming very competitive; you need to make sure that your book's cover stands out. For that, you must hire a professional from a book cover design company in USA. Let them make a book cover that best describes your ideas in the book. Yes, people do judge a book by its cover – so ensure the first impression is an impactful one. Focus on the main idea, don't overdose the cover with overlapping ideas.


The layout is also one important aspect of the book cover. The book cover design services that work on your book cover would know that even the font that you use says a lot about your book. The background image is another factor that can make the cover's idea impactful. Use readable and clear typography, which best depicts the mood and idea of the book. Book cover art is not only about the images but also the font and size –the title should be bigger than the author's name. A lot of colors on the cover can make it look ineffective.

In a book-selling business, book covers play an important part and are well-known in producing books. A well-designed cover can capture the readers' attention and motivate them to buy it and appreciate the author's work.

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