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The Role of Editing in the Book Publishing Process

A writer puts a lot of effort into writing the book to the best of his ability. However, when it is complete – they should not finalize it alone. It is a fact that many published books need thorough editing. It typically happens when the author is unable to edit their own work or they didn't have enough time or expertise. Whatever the reason, it means that editing is a very important aspect of the publishing process.

It is always advisable to hire a professional book editor who can help you polish your work and fix all the issues which you overlooked. Sometimes, the editor may need to develop your ideas during the manuscript editing phase to ensure the finished book is a high-quality text – an up-to-the-mark professional product – ready for publishing.

What does a book editor do?

Professional editors suggest that the author can give the book a better shape by improving the settings, character descriptions, or plot. The work on the flow of the sentences by fixing errors and making sure the writing is clear. An editor's job is to improve a book and make it a top-notch product – ready for publishing. However, there are different types of editing work required on different aspects. They offer three main editing types that are developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, and professional book editing services.

Developmental editing

In developmental editing, the editor looks into the little details of the book; they see the story on a larger scale. They have the expertise to critique the structure, plot, character, and other issues which can impact the book's overall content. For instance, the author has described a situation but has not focused on the details that can create imagery. Then is the time when developmental editing is required, and the editor extends the same text, with the author's consent, by adding more details and making the ideas effective.

Copy editing

On the other hand, copy editing is a bit more specific. The editor works on the text on a line level, ensuring the text is coherent, has no grammatical errors, and has a consistent tone and style. In line editing, the editor does not generally address larger issues like plot holes or unclear characters. When a copy editor is in the editing phase working on your book, they can play the role of a developmental editor to address other issues and notify the author if they are glaring and need to be fixed.


Proofreading is more technical. This phase can be considered the final phase before publishing. A proofreader ensures that words are spelled correctly, vocabulary is appropriately used, punctuation is correct, or if there are any missing punctuation. Proofreading also covers the book's formatting per the publishing style and requirements. You must have noticed typos in a book – those need to be fixed during proofreading. At the time of manuscript editing, a proofreader does not give any creative input; they are only supposed to correct errors.

Why Does Your Book Need Editing Before Publishing?

A second pair of eyes is always best on your manuscript. You will notice what difference it will make if the editor is trained to identify what works for a certain type of book and what can negatively affect it. However, it is not the job of the editor job to tell the author what he should do to make the book better. Instead, the book editing services help the author bring to life their original ideas and vision. Hence, the best editors are persistent and insightful. They make sure your vision shines through without imposing their own ideas or giving it a new direction.


When you have been working on something for a long time, like writing a book, you will likely find it difficult to look at your work objectively. Therefore, you need book editing services to deliver expert eyes on fixing all the issues in your manuscript. It is an expert editor who will identify things you would never have recognized yourself. A professional editor will offer you the service to remedy the issues you overlooked that could make your ideas ineffective to your readers.

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